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Save Big With Your Purchase of Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Save Big With Your Purchase of Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Are you trying to save big with your purchase of Kennedy Space Center Tickets? can help! There are so many things to do and see in the Cocoa Beach/Port Canaveral area, but so many of them cost big bucks! At standard prices, you just can’t afford to do them all. We get it! With discount tickets from the Cocoa Beach Visitor Center, a family of 4 can save up to $40 on tickets to the Kennedy Space Center! That’s enough to pay for lunch at a casual restaurant! So have the best of both worlds. Get to see the exciting Kennedy Space Center and save some money! Tickets at the gate are $60.99 with tax. Our price is so low we can’t show it online! Call 1-321-783-5112 for our amazing low price.

The Kennedy Space Center is an amazing place for people of all ages. How many kids grow up saying they want to be astronauts? Well, this is the place where those kids grew up and DID become astronauts! Dreams and reality come together here and history is made every day. There’s a very exciting energy to the Kennedy Space Center that everyone loves being a a part of and your family will love it, too! It’s a vibe that says anything is possible. Call to purchase all your tickets at a discount!

Things to Do at Kennedy Space Center

If we may, we’d like to make a few suggestions to get the most out of your day at the Kennedy Space Center.Save Big With Your Purchase of Kennedy Space Center Tickets

The Shuttle Launch Experience: This is a simulation of the space shuttle’s eight-and-a-half-minute trip into orbit! Strap in and enjoy the ride! Enter the heart of space shuttle operations. Once on board, you’ll experience what NASA astronauts call the next best thing to flying aboard the space shuttle.

IMAX Theater:The next best thing to being in space, minus the loss of gravity and you can eat all the popcorn you want! Two 3D space movies are available daily at IMAX Theater.

Apollo 8 and the Firing Room:Experience the launch of the first NASA mission to orbit the moon in 1968 aboard the massive Saturn V rocket at the Firing Room Theater. Facing the actual consoles, you can experience the excitement of the countdown and launch!

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  • Kennedy Space Center Discount Coupon - Call 1-321-783-5112
  • See the Shuttle Atlantis
  • Meet a Real Astronaut
  • Get a Bus Tour of the Space Center Compound
  • Visit all the Attractions


6211 N Atlantic Ave. Cape Canaveral, FL 32921

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  • "Great day at the Kennedy Space Center. I would definitely recommend!" -Tony R.
  • "The Visitors Center has some great deals on various attractions and restaurants. It is worth stopping in." - Sam R.
  • "Very exciting day. It was a thrill to speak to a real astronaut." - Pam S.
  • "Loved the bus tour and the IMAX theater." - Laura L.

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