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March Discounts to Kennedy Space Center

Are you looking for March Discounts to Kennedy Space Center? You’re in the right place! has got ’em! The month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb is a great time of year to visit Florida! Come soak up the sunshine for a few days. And while you’re here, don’t forget a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. You can get the beach anywhere. But there is nowhere else in the country that you can learn what is available at this iconic attraction!

Because we think everyone should have the opportunity to visit here, we’re offering a discount admission coupon. If you pay at the gate, you will pay $53.50 for an adult ticket. But come visit us at the Cocoa Beach Visitor Center, located at 6110 N. Atlantic Ave. in Cocoa Beach and that price goes down to $48.00! Yes, a savings of $5.50. When you’re on vacation, every dollar counts. Hey, that difference might just buy you a nice umbrella drink!

The Kennedy Space Center is a great experience for people of all ages. Remember when your best friend’s little brother said he was going to be an astronaut when he grew up? Well, we think we saw him in the simulator room yesterday. HA! Seriously, this is the place where those dreams do come true and a child’s fantasy becomes reality. It’s a place where history is made every day. There’s a really exciting energy to the Kennedy Space Center that everyone loves being a a part of and your family and friends will love it, too! It’s a vibe that says anything is possible. When you’re ready to take advantage of our March Discounts to Kennedy Space Center, come see us at the Cocoa Beach Visitors Center! We’re located at 6110 N. Atlantic Ave. in Cocoa Beach.

Things to Do at Kennedy Space Center

If we may, we’d like to make a few suggestions to get the most out of your day at the Kennedy Space Center.March Discounts to Kennedy Space Center

Exploring the Moon: This one-of-a-kind exhibit explores and celebrates the machines that made the impossible possible and expanded both our minds and our futures. Here, you will see a real rocket and lunar module designed to take astronauts to the moon, along with actual moon rocks returned to Earth.

Heroes and Legends: Experience the thrills and dangers of America’s first space missions. Embark on a fascinating journey designed to examine how humans define heroes. Experience the beginning of the space age with astronaut pioneers through a mix of 4D multisensory theater and true artifacts, which include a Redstone rocket suspended overhead.

Lunar Theater: As the entire world collectively held its breath on that historic day in July, 1969, the Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Using 3D theatrical elements combined with actual NASA footage, you will relive the last few moments of this iconic moment in history.

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6110 N Atlantic Ave. Cape Canaveral, FL 32921

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  • "Great day at the Kennedy Space Center. Very informative!" -David R.
  • "My daughter was totally fascinated by the astronauts. It was a great experience for her." - Lori D.
  • "Incredible. I felt like I went back to school!" - Sheryl V.
  • "Loved the entire day. I took advantage of as many exhibits as I could." - Carol O.

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